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Making Impact Through Real Estate

Many people today are facing a world that looks different than the one they once knew, but one thing remains the same, the need for people to help and care for each other. With that need comes a great opportunity to Do Good & Do Well and impact people through real estate.

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Meeting Real Human Need

Human needs according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs are: physiological (food and clothing), safety (job security), love and belonging needs (friendship), esteem, and self-actualization.

Restoring Dignity to Life

With Impact Housing we aim to give our residents a life they are proud of whether they are in recovery or need help with activities of daily living, we are here to give them the best life that they deserve so all their needs can be met.
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How to Get Started

If you are not already participating with investing in shared living, it won’t be long before someone you know or love will be. Each of our companies serves people where they are at in their journey. Whether you are an investor or someone looking to serve others, we have opportunities across all areas of shared housing, we aim to show you how you can make an impact with your investing through impact housing.

How It Works

The Impact Housing Group is a consortium focused on group housing and care. We teach real estate investors and many others alike to open homes that change the world.

Our Companies

Making A Positive Change In Impact Housing

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Residential Assisted Living Academy

Discover the incredible opportunity available in Residential Assisted Living and learn why it is the long-term real estate solution that has investors excited. Receive training from business and investment experts, who will explain step-by-step the RAL Formula™ that turns a single-family home into a $10,000 income every single month. Learn the amazing secret to creating significant passive cash flow while providing crucial services to our aging population and developing a portfolio to secure your financial future.

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Recovery Housing Academy

Recovery Housing Academy is an Impact Investing opportunity for socially-minded investors & operators like you. We help you develop expertise in managing a group home and teach you how to purchase or repurpose homes in appreciating neighborhoods with the potential to achieve double to triple returns paid by agencies and the government. Join us and others who are changing the world through shared housing!

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Pitch Masters Academy

Whether you are raising capital to start, expand or scale your success will depend on your ability to present and communicate. We know exactly what you need and exactly what the lender or investor needs and wants. It’s your job to be prepared to present and the Pitch Masters Academy Online Training can get you ready for your success. Quickly learn how to communicate your idea, product, or service in a compelling way and translate that message into an investment winning presentation pitch!

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RAL National Convention

Assisted living and senior housing are the hottest topics in real estate, business and investing, and as the Silver Tsunami of Seniors begins hitting the shore, the opportunity will only grow larger. Residential Assisted Living is the best alternative for millions of seniors in America and this convention is your opportunity to position yourself for success in this booming market. Network with like-minded entrepreneurs, lenders, investors, equipment and support service providers, and become part of the solution in senior housing.

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RAL National Association

Get connected to the vast network of RAL owners, operators, suppliers and investors who are leading the way in Residential Assisted Living. The National Association provides support for its members through collaboration, group purchasing power, industry marketing, advocacy and educational services to ensure that RAL homes across the nation offer the highest quality of personal residential care to our seniors.

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RAL Home Locator

Finding the right assisted living home for your loved one can be a time consuming and frustrating process. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which is going to be the best fit? The RAL Home Locator is here to simplify the process by helping you explore the best options. We are dedicated to growing the quality of care in assisted living that only exists in Residential Assisted Living. Find the best options from across the U.S. that offer comfort and quality care.

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